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Lawn Rolling, Core Aeration, Seeding & Over seeding

Lawn Rolling

Lawn rolled lawn

Many lawns may benefit by lawn rolling.  Due to the freeze/thaw cycles of our winter, worm castings, ant hills and other causes, some lawns get very uneven, almost to the point of being treacherous.  Before you twist an ankle or get shaken off your riding lawn mower you might want to have your lawn rolled.  This will help, but will not get it totally flat. 

*Remember that you should aerate after rolling, because while rolling to flatten bumps you are also compacting the soil.

Core Aeration

Core-Aerated lawn plugs

Many lawns in Wisconsin have a problem with compaction because the clay soil and unlike gardens, it never gets worked or tilled.  Aerating your lawn is beneficial by helping control thatch and relieving soil compaction.

The way this is accomplished is by inserting a hollow tine into the ground and pulling a plug of dirt out.  This helps the lawn by leaving a hole and increasing the exchange of water, nutrients, and air between the surface and the roots.

This also helps in breaking down the thatch layer, which is a layer of dead organic matter (roots and rhizomes from the plant-NOT last week's cut grass clippings.)  The core is left on the surface to quickly break down and disappear while adding the organic material back into your lawn.

By pulling thousands of plugs out of your lawn you can greatly increase the amount of water absorbed by the lawn, thus reducing some need for watering.

*UW Extension recommends that lawns get aerated at least once every couple of years, more if needed-you cannot over aerate a lawn. Heavily used Sports fields should be aerated several times per year.

Seeding & Over seeding

Lawn seeding image

Over seeding is spreading new grass seed over existing grass and is best done immediately after a “core aeration.”  The grass seed has the best chance of germinating and taking hold.  Over seeding benefits the lawn by adding new and hybrid types of grass seed to your existing grass, thus making your lawn thicker and more resistant to drought and disease. 

We can renovate and seed an entire section of lawn, whether it is to change the grade around your foundation or to fill a low spot in your yard.

*The type of grass seed used should be determined by the conditions of the lawn and surrounding area.